Super Fast Fibre Broadband Is Now Here!

April 15th 2013

The new green cabinet in Gaultree Sqare has now gone "live" which means that internet providers are now able to accept orders for superfast fibre broadband (FTTC).

You WILL need an additional fibre modem installed in your home which then connects to your existing broadband router (a new router may also be provided by your internet provider).

This will see a massive increase in speed from approx 1.5Mbps which is about the maximum we normally see in the village to a whopping 45Mbps which is the estimated speed here at Emneth Design in Hollycroft Road.

Considering most families now have more than 1 person trying to use the very limited bandwidth at the same time, this should help put an end to the misery.

As more and more of the green telephone cabinets around the village are connected with the fibre service you will then be able to order the superfast service.

Andy Morrison, Emneth Design