Superfast Broadband Is Coming Soon!

Jan 10th 2013

No doubt you will have seen the BT Open Reach vans in the village recently and wondered what is going on?

The Open Reach team are laying the new fibre optic cables from the BT exchange in Wisbech to the green telephone boxes (the main one being in Gaultree Square).

The old copper telephone cables were never designed to have data flowing over them and the further away you are from the telephone exchange the slower the broadband (data) speed you will get as the signal degrades the further you are away. By using fibre optic cable there is no signal degregation (only decrease will be in the the short distance from the green box to your home which will still use the old copper telephone cable) so by bringing the full data signal right into the village we should all see a vast increase in our broadband connection.

For the past 5 years I have had numerious pc repair customers compain about how slow the internet is and how they cannot watch any "on demand" tv or watch any online shows as the speed is too slow and they are constantly shown the "buffering" icon> This should all be a thing of the past once the fibre optic cable is connected and our routers are reset.

Will it cost any more - probably, but for the massive increase in speed that we will see and the peace it will bring to households who have children playing online games or downloading large files it will be worth it! 

Andy Morrison, Emneth Design