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EMNETH:  This fenland village and parish is situated on the border with the county of Cambridgeshire in the south west of Norfolk. The village is located south of Walsoken and north of Outwell. Within the parish boundaries of Emneth there are also the settlements of Emneth Hungate and Holly End. Over the years the meaning of the name Emneth has been debated. It is derived from old English and therefore probably has Saxon origins and may have the meanings of smooth meadow, junction of streams on the River Aemenan, river confluence belonging to Eana or mowing grass meadow. The Hungate suffix suggests this area may have been associated with the keeping or rearing of hounds. The village is not mentioned in the Domesday Book, this may well be because the village was valued with another parish and was not therefore named. There is evidence for activity in the parish from the Roman period and metal detectorists have found many medieval and post medieval finds.


Hanging Sign Of The Gaultree Inn Free House Located In Gaultree Sq EmnethThe earliest mention of Emneth is in documents dating back to 1170 giving proof that a village was settled in the parish by this date. The parish church of Saint Edmund's was built in the 12th century and extended dramatically in the 13th century, it remains a large and imposing building to this date. Other buildings from the medieval period which stood in the parish have since been demolished. Hagbeach Hall was a medieval hall and was demolished in 1887, although its 17th-century stables remain and have been converted into houses. The medieval hall on the site of 17th-century Oxburgh Hall was also demolished when the new hall was built. Emneth was also recorded in a document in 1389 but this document's location has since been lost. A medieval moated site has been recorded and a seal used by Pope Innocent III to secure documents was found there along with other finds which included a medieval seals matrices, a horse harness pendant and medieval coins. Within the parish other more domestic sites with less status have also been identified. Medieval hearths were excavated along with many medieval finds including pottery, coins and personal objects. These include a spectacular strap end with the initials S and J. The number of items recovered at this site suggests that Emneth was an area of substantial medieval settlement.

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